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Blonde Iconz

15 September
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I'm very interesting. I'm 15 and live in Georgia (sadly). I own a Basset (Maggie), Louisiana Swampcat (Jeffy), Black Lab (Kanga [she is slightly mental]), African Grey Parrot (Fid), Thouroghbred Horse (Coco), and several million fish (only 3 have names, Curly, Moe, and Larry). I'm a Freshman in Highschool, but I am abnormally tall so a lot think I'm older than I actually am. Not a huge fan of makeup, but I get a lot of compliments when I actually try to look good, which is rare. I just don't care that much. I have earlobe length brown hair, pale brown eyes, 5'7", 109lbs (I'm fat), and that's it.

Drop a Line

Not a lot of rules, but the ones I do have I want you to honor. Pretty please with a cherry on top.
  • If it is textless it is not a base unless I specificly say, Base.
  • No editing no matter what unless it is a Base.
  • Always credit either xblonde_iconsx or xxfaux_blondexx
  • Comment if taking an icon or if you just want to give pointers, criticize, or praise.
  • No Hotlinking.

    It would be much appreciated, that if you like my work, to link this in your userinfo. I am also willing to link anyone who wants it.

    This is a sample of my work. Ask before taking.